outline chapter 14

chapter 14, dragoncon 3 boy and girl in antarctica

the boy and girl are in antarctica by themselves. they drag themselves ashore. it’s ruggedly beautiful, but there is nothing growing, and there are no birds or fish or animals anywhere. it’s very cold and windy, and the snow is falling. they punch up a costume change on their screens. there are a few assets to be picked up – driftwood, a few shells, bones of seals and penguins. they explore the island they have come ashore on, and when they get to teh top of the central mountain they see people falling from the sky into the water. they go down to greet them, wondering what they are going to do, feeling like the game isn’t ready for players yet. but there they are and there are more falling out of hte sky every minute, and they’re cold and need food and something to do. some of them need medical attention because of injuries from the fall. where did all the real players come from? they’re supposed to be final candidate testers.

the girl: she’s never happy.  and she’s got self-pitying excuses for anything anybody cares to point out to her.  so she’s a big hypocrite. so perhaps she’s a little sanctimonious. she’s pretty boring about her duty.  humorless. she’s steadfast about spreading the game and achieving critical mass, and she doesn’t get swayed by temptations. she has no trouble choosing power-with and rejecting power-over, even tho the choice is constantly presented to her. 


snake: n/a

fairy: n/a

plucky band: n/a


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