author’s note: fixing to start writing again

it’s been months and months since i put pen to paper on my story.  it has been impossible to write for a number of reasons since last november, and i finally had to take myself away to a different environment and devote myself entirely to my work.  i only hope the ship of my daily life is still floating when i get back on.


i have done all these things, and am now waiting for the energy to wait for the inspiration to begin writing.

the task at hand is to put my characters in antarctica, and follow them thru all 7 rings of the antarctica game.  this is where a lot of absolutely impossible things have to happen, and i am a realist, so it’s going to be a bit difficult.  but i love a challenge.

i will post my notes as i write each chapter, which i’m doing out of a desire to be thorough.  there is no research in my notes, because there’s nothing to research.  i did extensive research – a year of research – for the rest of the story, because i have no idea how to write a videogame, no idea about the magic of quantum mechanics, no idea of world politics as it changes.  i started the story in the middle of the arab spring, and did a big what-if about a global consciousness revolution, and then realized i had no idea what i was talking about, and thus the research.  but to write what i’m going to write now – antarctica without the ice – there was nothing for it but to come to iceland, where it used to be covered by an icecap that planed the tops of the mountains flat and scraped the water channels into huge swaths of valleys and hanging valleys and gorges and waterfalls.  so here i am, in the arctic, fixing to fake it.

my methods will probably remain the same – i brought a blank notebook so i can scribble it in longhand, and then i’ll type it out as i get to the end of each day, and publish it as a first draft.  i think differently when my fingers write and when they type, so i’m going to trust that.

right now the sun is shining on the hanging valley outside my window.  the lower slopes of the main valley are yellow green, with lupins adding a dark green and blue touch, and up in the hanging valley it’s all snow, with the blackness of exposed rock up near the ridge, where the slope goes up above 60%.  it makes me want to hike up there, and i will surely do that one of these days.  but not now.  now i’ve got bread fresh out of hte oven and i’m waiting for the residency directors to come over and help me eat it.  then i think i’ll rearrange my workspace again.  no, just kidding.  i’ll probably spend the rest of the evening in a hot bath, finishing the book i brought with me so as to get it out of the way.

i lied.  the book still has a couple of hundred more pages.  oh well.


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