author’s note: update


i stopped writing the story on november 30. i wrote my 50,000 words for nanowrimo, and a few dozen more, and stopped writing at the end of chapter 13.1, which was nevertheless 6000 words or so, a huge bout of investment, where i ignored everybody around me and dismissed all the demands of my daily life and just sat there and wrote. i think i was staying up into the night writing, and getting up after a few hours of sleep to write in my bed with the lamp on.

i’ve been thinking about my story since then, but only as a looming shadow, not exploring it but dreading it; and besides, there were all the rest of the daily demands to take care of. and since this is a residency year, i have a lot of preparations to make for a trip to research the atmosphere of an antarctica without ice. and a child to mind, and paper to make, and all sorts of stuff to dye. so i’ve been busy.

but now things are getting to where i’m ready to start writing again.

so i’m reading the chapters, from 8 to 13. i’ve only written the sections, and haven’t yet put them together as whole chapters and published them. so that’s probably next.

just so you know.


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