writing chapter 10.5

They were relieved when project Anti Q was created, they felt like someone was looking out after them. Now they didn’t have to explain things to Moe, who got very upset to hear that the universe was not behaving itself. They could point to the project now and speculate on exactly whose department dealt with whatever puzzled Moe.

Like all those scientific constants that kept changing, or changed, or might have changed. When you think about it, life wouldn’t be possible without those constants being exactly where they were. A little more or a little less and the sun wouldn’t burn, but water would, or we’d be breathing methane and have formaldehyde for blood. Whatever. A bunch of factors that had to be exactly the way they were to support life. And there was a simple answer to that – God did it. That’s how they presented it to Moe, who went away convinced that science and religion were the same thing.

Any scientists present wold have narrowed their eyes and frowned, and had furious arguments among themselves afterward. Anyone who’d attended Anomia’s lectures would add that all the creation myths tell how one observing consciousness brought forth the universe by calling its name. But that kind of argument led to the idea that we are God, and Moe would totally reject any attempts to bring God down to our level.

Whatever. Moe didn’t care about that anyway. He still wanted to explain the quickthaw in Antarctica, something the press wasn’t covering now that hit was becoming a regular occurrence.

“Oh, that’s not a thing, sir,” Curly explained. “God created this one too,”

“Like as a punishment for falling away from the Bible?” Moe said anxiously.

Larry took over. “No, sir, there are natural explanations for the melting. The jury is out on any long term links to global drivers of change. But analysis of last year’s record forest fires in the temperate latitudes shows that smoke particles could have dropped on the area, then heated up in the sun and melted the ice. And probably the melt is related to freak cloud behavior over the region, with clouds thin enough to let the sun’s radiation thru but thick enough to block cooling, so the local temperatures soared. Also, unusual shifts and blocks in the jet stream pushed a bubble of heat over the ice.”

Moe sounded like he would rather blame godless liberals. “You’re sure it had nothing to do with the freak show and that guy in the pool at Dragoncon?”

“No, sir, that theory has been discredited. We found the security tapes from back when the subjects were working on their videogame. There’s nothing exciting, sir. It seems they’ve just a bunch of amateurs, nothing serious. They couldn’t have caused the alleged effects, sir.”

The media didn’t think so either. They’d forgotten all about that stuff and gone back to political scandals and scandalous exposes. Currently they were bemoaning the loss of faith that was causing all the weird shit. Signs from God to return to the way things used to be, and stop reaching for new and dangerous ideas. The importance of being just like everyone else was stressed. Personal responsibility, the values religion provide, cooperation, trust, self sacrifice. Because without a strong moral code, we would enslave our neighbors and work them to death like tools.

Dad liked this line of thought. “Yes, we’re all bad at heart. Without a higher authority and discipline imposed from above, this country would be a wasteland. God would punish us by allowing the earth to weaken and grow diseased. People are like children. Watched children play nice. What’s wrong with us isn’t that they’re raping the world and feeding us poison, Goddamned liberal nonsense. It’s God’s anger at our liberal values and loose morals. It’s that simple. Loss of faith is just disrespect toward Him that made us.”

It wasn’t his original thought, of course.


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