writing chapter 9.4

All Moe knew about what was going on was what he heard in the news, and the news was all about how the sky was falling. When Kurt’s death could no longer be reported breathlessly they dropped it like a rock and turned their attention to the coming end of the world. Which was of course much more satisfying, even if it lacked personal pathos. For four days the news was filled with the approaching CME. They talked about the Carrington Event, back in 1921, when the sun coughed and everything electrical in the world caught fire and burned. Several pundits claimed mass hysteria, but countless had seen the sun blink, instruments even on the dark side of the earth registered the drop to 0 and the surge back to 100. All the on-air personalities could do was repeat and embroider on wild speculation. The earth was going to end in four days. That meant they could report on panic buying, rioting, looting, demonstrations in the streets, somber and threatening statements from the authorities.


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