writing chapter 8.9

Nathan’s missing bit – You think you depend on your body, that if your body is destroyed then you won’t exist. But there’s no objective reality. You don’t really have a body. Your body is a product of your consciousness and not the other way around. Consciousness doesn’t depend on having a body, or experiencing a physical world. Mind is everything, consciousness is an illusion. Because we’re all one.

Back in the windowless security room, Larry and Curly were trying to make sense of security cameras that showed things materializing out of thin air. Obviously a publicity stunt – that’s what they were going to tell Moe. But really, wet carpets, and a salty, beery smell in the room even after the cleaning crew went thru. Where’d the glass mugs come from? And how to explain all the pot smoke? Actually, that was easy enough to explain by regular means – look at the people involved, of course someone brought a joint or two. They were not going to mention that around a pound of pot must have materialized as rolled joints, all of a sudden, to everyone in the room, already lit.

There were also several instantaneous sighting of the woman called Fairy, and a reported air conditioning malfunction in the game room, which caused cups of coffee and bottles of soda to freeze solid. And then there were all the tweets and instagrams and FB posts about how real the demo was – apparently not just the graphics but also exotic food not otherwise available at Dragncon (skua burgers), only the wrappers of which were still extant, and several people who sought medical attention for frostbite – purportedly from standing on a balcony looking at glaciers. Perhaps that was a coded reference for huffing coolant or something?

And then there were the views expressed during various panels associated with their psychedelically inspired videogame. Larry, who read up on all these things (Curly was afraid to be too curious in case his superiors mistook him for a sympathizer) read (typed) the transcripts of the sessions and thought the tone was all ‘power to the people,’ almost ‘bring it all down and groove on the rubble.’ Moe, being a generation older, would have had a strongly negative reaction to this opinion, but Larry had no intention of telling him.

Quantum philosophy scared him, tho. He was totally comfortable in a world brought about by the industrial revolution, with a bronze age religious base. Quantum seemed to mean a lot more individuality, with everyone a king, including the rabble, the criminals, the insane, and everybody who wasn’t in control now. It would be a nightmare. And if you thought about the logistics of as many different worlds as there were people, all having to agree to get anything done – it was just unthinkable. There’s one reality, and that’s it.

Curly was busy tallying up all the spies he’d managed to place their names on the list of testers.


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