writing chapter 8.3

Sunday was another big presentation day. Anomia had a workshop and a panel discussion about the quantum skills, and the boys had their official demo and play on the carnival level. Breakfast was bagels and coffee sitting in the sun on the Hilton’s pool deck (where the Sungazers (???) were setting up their sun gazing telescope).

Fairy was trying to improve Anomia’s public speaking skills. “You sounded like a spaced-out hippie,” she said, giving her assessment of yesterday’s exercise workshop – Jedi training- on the Armory track. “‘Classical reality is all around us,'” she mimicked, “‘but our interior world is quantum – except there is no external reality out there and it’s all filtered thru our internal awareness, anyway.’ I mean, you can’t say something without going and saying the opposite in the very next phrase.”

“I’ll try to be more organized,” Anomia said, irritated. “I’m doing an exercise class this morning. I’ll just work out instead of talking, why don’t I?”

“Great idea,” Fairy said briskly. “They don’t need you to talk them to death, they need your example, remember.”

Fairy was such a bustle of efficiency and presentation knowhow that they decided she could present the panel on the Paranormal track – Psychic Powers R Real – Monday at 11.

She noted the schedule on her tablet, checking various other commitments she had on Monday. There was some slack now, but Mondays were all about last minute meetings, and she was usually among the last to leave. She would have to shuffle one appointment, but he wouldn’t balk. In fact, she’d charge him extra to change his appointment time. Right now, she was going to do a costume panel about the avatars.

The boys were preparing for their panel on the Game Programming track (???) – How We Did It (excuse our dust). In the afternoon, Anomia had another panel, this time on the philosophy of Teh Gema, and after dinner, at 10, Snake was hosting a panel on the Skeptic track – Levitation: Who Gives a Flying Fuck? (??? check all panels, descriptions, times, locations).

They they planned to network, each in their favorite manner – Snake would work the bars, Fairy would attend an exclusive munch scene, Kurt planned to get wasted with a few hacker buddies, and discuss the state of the world as we know it, Josh would go to a dozen hotel-room parties, and Anomia was planning to go to the banquet (????) and try to get to bed at a reasonable hour, say 2. But at this moment, sitting in an every more crowded pool deck, with the inevitable line forming as people queued up to look thru the telescope, and clouds beginning gathering to stop them, they really wanted more coffee and maybe a nap.

6 philosopy “The literature develops four paths to special powers, enlightenment, mastery, whatever. The Weirding Way of the Bene Gesserit, with iron self-discipline and an intense concentration of awareness. They learn to merge with the object of attention until there is no separation. You could call them the ultimate codependents – always walking on eggshells, always anticipating every possibility.

“The next group takes Jedi training. It’s intensively academic and intellectual, very law-driven, followed by lots and lots of combat training. It’s an Apollonian kind of practice, authoritarian. Very male.

“Then there’re the Druids and witches, who are, like, a bunch of old farts. They’re into rituals and trance, substance abuse, getting out of their bodies and going in search of revelation. They’re like party central. Dionysian.

“The last group are the Chi (ninja warriors???) masters. They’re very in their bodies. Have energy will fight. They’re impetuous and competitive, kind of adolescent.

Each of these groups train their minds and bodies to do incredible things – quantum things, like being in 2 places at once, like knowing everything, flying, creating things, changing shapes, making plants grow. These superpowers are within our grasp. And all these methods get you to this place by changing your consciousness. You learn to master your mind, because in a quantum world there is no objective reality, no ‘out there’. Everything exists only in your mind. Consciousness is the only real reality. Classical thinking says only the material world is real, and mind has no reality. But it’s reversed in quantum reality. And if it’s all in your mind, then you’re one with it, and it becomes you. At that point where you are it, you have mastery of reality, and can do what you will!”

Someone asked, “So, what can you do with these powers, really? I mean on a day to day basis. Not, like, flying to work.”

She thought for a moment about what she could do in her own life. “Well, the whole trick is self mastery. Once you can observe and control yourself, you learn how to influence others and change outcomes. “Okay, you decide what you really need (A new job), rather than what your self destructive self wants (Josh). You picture your exact goal vividly (Freelancing). You use affirmations (I’m the only one who can do this). You use Jedi mind tricks (We’re all quantum inside), and the law of attraction (Ask for and expect quantum understanding), and become willing to plan for the long term (The integrity of the game) and not sabotage yourself with unreachable goals, make a really solid plan that continues on after your immediate goals (Stick to the angel’s vision), and quit your day job.”

“Intent. Everything is energy, even our consciousness. [energy (mc2) = consciousness???]. Your intent sets up an energy field – a resonance –


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