author’s note: nanowrimo starts tomorrow

this will be my second year doing ‘adventures in quantum antarctica’ during nanowrimo. i frankly don’t remember last year very well, so…

this year i’m writing chapter 8 online. sort of. i won’t have access to a laptop, and i’m busy upstairs these days and can’t spend 8 hours a day online. so tonight i am printing out the chapter notes, and tomorrow i’m getting out my notebook and a comfortable pen, and i’m going to sit in the rocker in the living room and write. it’ll get put up online soon, hopefully the same day so i don’t lag behind and let it build up.

and you can see it all here, if you like first drafts. so far, my readership has been minor, but i’m not writing it for anybody but me, so whatever. welcome aboard those who are reading me.

i was pretty unhappy reading over the first 7 chapters. they took me over a year to produce, they’re too long, they’re too technical, and they’re tedious as well. but all the actual science research was built into the first section, and from here on out it’s seat of the pants writing, rather than filling in an outline. the research got in the way, and the technical advances of even a year ago look silly in light of what they’re learning now.

but that’s because we’re now in a quantum world, where absolutes aren’t.


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