new map: antarctica without ice

it’s the most amazing map i’ve ever worked with. i love maps. i can spend all day on a map. you’re seeing my interpretation (black outlines) of the latest bedmap produced by the british antarctic survey. the interpretation involves where sea level is, and as you can see by the scale to the left, it’s very hard to determine which shade of gray is the right one. so i altered the apparent sea level to suit my story. which basically calls for a thoroughly penetrating south pole sea, and large swaths of wetland and desert.

lately i’ve been spending my hours putting in vegetative layers, from alpine to desert to rain forest. that’s at my discretion, of course. only alpine is defined by height. i took somewhere around 1500-2000 meters as the tree line. everything else is what i imagine, with my limited knowledge of agricultural zones and ecosystems. however, it will end up suiting my story, and it was fun, so i’m not apologizing. just wait until i put in the cities.

one thing i’m not doing is paying attention to the fact that no trees will grow above the permafrost line, because the sap will freeze.  and everything in antarctica is basically above the permafrost line, except the very tip of the peninsula.  and the constant darkness in the winter would kill practically everything you could plant.  so i’m removing the sun’s position as a consideration, and just pretending we’re in temperate and approaching tropical latitudes.  the only concession i’m making is to make it warmer the further north you go, so the jungles and rain forests line the edges of the continent and cover the peninsula.  but those are later maps, which i’ll unveil when they stop looking so crappy.  for now, enjoy this one.



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