author’s note: still editing chapter 5

i get walleyed after 6 hours of work.  i can’t think anymore, can’t do a thing with what i’ve written, can’t continue digesting science and spitting out exposition and dialog.  all day i’ve been taking one paragraph of condensed information and moving it to this  part of the section, and that part of the section.  i’ve also been writing what kurt has to do to make a quantum kernel, which is to first build himself a physics lab.  but i have hit upon a good way to skip over all that science.  kurt sleep programs, which means he programs in his sleep, inside a dream.  i know people who actually do this.  so i am going to give him a big hallucination that results in a working quantum device, and will symbolically parallel the steps you would actually take.  i think.  anyway, i’m really tired, and still have to have dinner and walk the dogs.  but i’ll be back here in about 6 hours for another attempt at whipping my section into shape.


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