author’s note: writing chapter 5

there are 9 days left to nanowrimo, and i’ve got 11,000 words to go to reach the desired 50,000 word goal.  and i’m keeping up with the daily progress, and am quite pleased that i’ve internalized the goals of  nanowrimo, which is to instill the discipline of daily writing.  since i’ve done nanowrimo every november since 2007, i think it’s about time.  in the beginning, i would save up my writing for november, and spit it all out at once.  but since last year at this time, i’ve been working on this one story every day, 7 days a week.  and even tho writing this story is more research than fiction, and goes much slower than just belting out a story does, i’m still able to keep up.  so yay.

i’ve finally posted all the sections comprising chapter 5, and now i get to wrangle them into prose.  this chapter is not typical of the work i’ve done so far, in that previous sections were more or less fully fleshed out.  this chapter is still all notes, even after the first draft of them.  so this revision is going to actually be more writing than just dabbling with word changes.  and it’s not going to end up in the same order as i wrote them this time, either.  i already know that tesla and reich come in early and stay late, and i’ve already moved some of the things that go on one character’s mouth to the other side of the chapter to be said by someone else entirely.

chapter 5 as it stands now, in note form, is 7 pages long, 6100 words.  and it’s all in shorthand.  i’m going to go read it now, since it’s xgiving and i’m pretty stuffed and only on my second family meal with one more to go, and then tomorrow i’ll start moving things around and trying to sense the order that it wants to be in.


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