author’s note: writing chapter 5.5

working to organize and develop the secondary part of the chapter, the family, and the outside world as seen thru the tv news. this is always a lot of fun to write, and this time i’m doing more listening than ever, waiting until i can hear a character discussing the point before writing it down, and then i have to scurry before it fades.

here’s an example. i found this passage:

Communication revolutions not only manage new, more complex energy regimes, but also change human consciousness in the process. Forager/hunter societies relied on oral communications and their consciousness was mythologically constructed. The great hydraulic agricultural civilizations were, for the most part, organized around script communication and steeped in theological consciousness. The first industrial revolution of the 19th century was managed by print communication and ushered in ideological consciousness. Electronic communication became the command and control mechanism for arranging the second industrial revolution in the 20th century and spawned psychological consciousness.”

as i read it i could see all the complexity of the grid simplified by looking at everything from a different angle, and caught a glimpse of fairy and radhu talking about it, so i wrote this:

fairy shared with radhu her issues with the 7×7 grid of game facts, especially her difficulties fitting the different religious periods and technological advances into the array. as they talked about it, it became apparent that radhu thought about these things very differently, in terms of changing styles of communication, of adaptation within a closed system, of different worldviews. the first two levels were subsistence level, oral cultures, explaining things with myths and stories. the second two levels were agricultural, their communication written, their explanations edicts and laws handed down from the gods. the fifth level was industrial, and focused on the spread of knowledge and learning, and thinking was idealogical and dogmatic. the sixth level was computerized and wireless, the control monolithic and sadistic, independent thinking was underground and individualistic. and the seventh level was a leap into global consciousness, empathic and interconnected.


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