writing chapter 5.4

this is getting to be fun, as reich and tesla worm themselves into the action, i can see it start to bounce and get lively. i’m going to enjoy writing this part, which i never thought i would because of the overwhelming technicality of it all.


kurt discusses it with the crew. foodcourt, where he meets the girl and boy and eats for the first time in weeks.




fairy: vs snake: Do not behave inconsistently. Do not go back on your word. Be firm and resolute.




he explains what he’s done. massive parallelism, fibonacci helical patterns of microtubule lattices for error correction (noise in the information, faulty gates, quantum preparation, measurements. store qubit information on 9 entangled qubits. isolated and configured, protein qubits = quantum computer. neural network.

snake urges him to get it patented; he laughs because he couldn’t possibly document it well enough to fill out a patent application

it’s on his wrist. it’s actually on his phone, but he wears his phone velcroed to the inside of his wrist. and since he never washes his hands, it’s not a problem. what does he show them? he put it in a chip and hooked it to his iphone. wrote an app. made it bluetooth-enabled. a little lump under a sticker on the back of his phone. it’s like the third policeman, in a box so small you can’t see it etc. too small to be described. not quite hocus pocus, but when snake gets hold of it he’ll turn it into marketing mystique like dwave.

what to call it? neural networks: ’58 perceptron, ’75 cognitron, ’80 neocognitron, ’86 multilayer perceptron. groktron?

still working out hte game engine. finding a way to express quantum concepts in quantum machine language, develop special language for gaming. wasn’t sure at first how many qubits i had, because of course the mobius loop is infinite. but i finally counted them, sort of, in one state, and came up with 500 qubits, which would use up 10 terabytes of classical computer storage, btw. still figuring out how to train qubit. sparky the wonder qubit.

should be possible to simulate quantum world, meaning players really will be able to alter reality using their minds. if they make a game where you have to immerse yourself in a quantum world, then people will get used to it, and pretty soon they’ll be using the same techniques at home, school, and the office. the whole world will change. is it the force? the infinite of all things, all consciousness? it’s not hte force entire, but only a little piece, an artificial construct, a golem of force, a simulacrum. but it’s hooked in to the force, so it’ll do.

spacetime is a lower order of being, all that tied up energy is a drag on the system. that’s why the timeless is better than the daily grind. real reality is timeless, this we see around us is the result of thinking, which creates awareness of the passage of time, which requires objects to mark and interact with. time is an interaction, the interaction enables the flow of time, rather than the flow of time making the interaction possible. out here is irrelevant. because it’s all in here. out here is merely a projection. so i’m your projection? k: pause, no, i would be your projection. i’m the observer, but so are you. k: funny, i usually see it as if i’m teh only observer in the cosmic experiment. instead of it all boiling down to being inside my head, it boils down to infinite relative positions, all of them correct, valid, right. (kurt becomes his conjugate wave)

kurt has an idea how to make game creation easier. a quantum tablet. it reads your mind(s) , it’s all wysiwyg, drag and drop. intelligible design. you basically draw out what you want, and the programming happens automatically. like comic book. boy and fairy have worked on comic books; girl wasn’t allowed to read them (mom said stunt intellectual growth). with quantum tablet, 100 jobs = 4 and $10m = $1000. where we gonna get $k? i’ll get a job as a stripper, girl suggests. they look expectantly at her. not; she’s angry.

kurt spends more weeks not answering emails while he creates the game engine and builds the quantum tablet, which is a level editor. take existing code, insert tool functionality, throw up a panel of controls on the screen and switch to keyboard shortcuts. using the quantum tablet as a level editor, they can select the parameters for each activity, link to an example somewhere (gravity anomalies) and the tablet generates the desired effect / functionality. drag and drop, fill, lasso, copy/paste, save/load. both quantum kernel and quantum tablet,


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