writing chapter 5.2.1

11-19 i just realized that i’m being too technical. i don’t have enough knowledge to invent my own quantum computer, i’m doing the equivalent of freshman english class writing, using big words and figuring nobody will notice i’m kluging it. which never works. so all these researchers in physics labs who’ve made all the breakthrus i’m reading about and taking notes on aren’t going to be interested in what i’m writing because it’s not science, and not well-informed science fiction. i’m just using big words. anybody who’s not a physicist isn’t going to understand even the little i’ve managed to pick up, because it’s just too much to understand, every explanation requires an explanation and all the words sound the same. my eyes cross, so how’s it going to feel to a reader? but i’m starting to see the dynamic between the imaginary characters as kurt does his work, and i’ll be able to only refer to all this conflicting knowledge once in awhile, without having to dwell it. this was supposed to be a short chapter. it is, of course, taking a long time to get there.

painstakingly researching every idea, every element, to see if it’ll go. like SiO2 substrates for graphene layers, that’s quartz, right? can you roll up graphene and the substrate into a buckyball? does the quartz substrate act like a quartz crystal, is it piezoelectric? and how would you make a mobius strip out of a graphene ribbon? this takes hours of sitting and thinking, forming images in my head and doing experiments on them. it’s as if i was increasing the screen size on my monitor to accommodate my tired eyes, to the point where three lines fill the screen. my mind is so hooked into the visualization i’m trying to do that i’m sucked all the way in to a single point of focus. and then have to snap out of it and research something i’ve just thought of that might make it all a futile search for logic. when i’m so over my head that it’s not funny. it’s embarrassing to be this ignorant. but oh well.

11/20 one thing that’s going to please nobody is the fact that i find myself trying to marry quantum physics with woo science. physics boffins on the internet hate and loathe woo and those who say woo hoo.


kurt contacts his buddies in the business to see about spare parts and lab access. they tend to be apologetic, one said something snippy about the last time a la ronnie dobbs. unlike all these guys in their funded labs, kurt is building a quantum computer in his van. he’s got contacts all over the place, and he gets samples of new materials and hands-on gawking at prototypes in fancy funded labs, and sometimes gets hold of an instrument or device that comes in handy. he’s got a field lab that a fancy funded physicist would snigger at. mainly, tho, quantum engineers would jump up and down to see kurt’s lab.

sleep programming that he doesn’t remember, but that’s how he wrote most of the kernel – ambien and (salvia no, paralysis and being with god) tramadol. strange things happened while he was writing the kernel. he would find himself inside it, tinkering with the code, building in extra bits he understood perfectly at the time in his sleep. pharms. ambien and ecstasy. ambien and uppers. ambien and (salvia no, paralysis and being with god) tramadol. whatever. oxy. role of neuromodulators such as dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin on behaviour and learning. mindguard to eliminate psychotronic radiation. tinfoil hats.

there’s nothing mystical about conjugate (complementary) waves except among the woo physicists, the tinfoil hat phds. then why mention it? because kurt is very interested in woo, and feels he’s about to make a breakthru, but kurt’s really another flake who doesn’t know what he’s doing, else he’d be making the big bucks in a government funded lab, and his tremendous, earthshaking revolution in quantum computing was a complete accident, a product of a lost weekend of fabrication and programming.

virtual cryostat using graphene and high magnetic effects. frictionless flow, ppb resistance. single atom thick sheets, hard as diamond, stronger than steel. light, strong, transparent, flexible, conductive. grow qubit cells self-assembling. dope w/metal conducting, doped w/reducer (electron donor) ferromagnetic. diy graphene by lifting exfoliating and sandwiching epitaxial graphitization onto SiC or SrF (less vibration). – inkjet printer. dna supercoils. mobius coils, toroidal or plectonemous or both, generate scalar waves. woo

graphene ribbon an infinite sheet of 1-layer superconducting pentagonal qubits alternating w/2-layer semiconducting bandgaps. rolls into buckyball (hexagon – pentagon xformation 60 atoms 20 hexagons 12 pentagons) or twist into carbon nanotubes, but zapped properly, becomes mobius twist. 1nm diameter. (Solids made from pure buckyballs are crystals that act either as insulators that do not conduct electricity or semiconductors whose conductivity increases with increasing temperature)

superconducting graphene mobius ribbon w/semiconducting strips = orgone. qubit array made from hexagons, 5 state switches/transistors, each void in molecule functioning as storage (contaminants transformed by electric fields, sublimated, burned off except for the submolecular essence that collects inside the hexagonal structure of the graphene ).

wrapped in a buckyball.

shielded and powered and connectivity via tesla single wire / wireless transmitter. induction thru resonance. diy scalar waves. wires mobius coils wrapped around crystal. electric currents flowing opposite cancel each other out create scalar wave.

tesla oscillator story

reich technology tubes conduct energy. reich orgone mixture w/crystals


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