writing chapter 5.1.2

here are more things i moved up into the first part.


aside in kurt and nathan’s talk about computer variations. kurt and all his friends were building quantum computers in their basements. diy computer kits. kurt was building a quantum computer in his van. so was everybody else. and they were all working from different perspectives, all carving a way thru a new thing, each carving their own unique path. nobody’s idea for a quantum computer was anything like anybody else’s, and they were all very jealous and snippy about each other. putting each other’s ideas down, ridiculing the mentors and lineage, endless petty arguments, so nobody ever said how things were going, or told the truth, or gave away anything patentable. and nothing was standard, so there was no collaboration possible. dwave that hyped up everything with steampunk esthetic and had big bucks from people who saw something shiny and thought that meant it was real. like tesla and edison and marconi and who else. the winning of packaging over substance.

it all sounds great – quantum optical fields in curved spacetime. does sound wonderful. conjures up the impression of real magic, doesn’t it? DNAzymes on a fluorescent substrate constantly swirling in a tank. nano plates with sticky ends that assemble themselves, heal themselves, learn and reconfigure themselves. nanofabricated microprocessors 10nm thick.

silicon transistors now reaching the limit of their moore’s law at 12nm, microelectronic components less efficient under 100nm, use something else. but instruments trillion dollar silicon transistor industry – let’s use current tech. but other materials just as good or better.

electron bonded to single atom, spin controlled by microwaves, manipulated to produce qubit, embedded silicon chip.

wetware, artificial organic brains (leech neurons). neurons only fire 1000 times per second, but millions fire in parallel. learning thru strong neural connections. deposit ddq (4-way electrically conductive switch)molecules onto gold, spontaneously assemble into 2 hex grid layers of molecules. set molecules in top layer individually w/tip of scanning tunneling microscope – writing data. each molecule wireless communication w/others thru indiv electric field, exchanging electrons, causing molecules to change states to encode data. patterns, lines, triangles, hexagons, rhombuses, each molecule set to certain state. 300 molecules interacting like massively parallel computer, changing states when data written. patterns ‘cellular automata’ function like circuits to direct electrical flow. patterns evolve over time. heal itself, molecules automatically reorganize. slow process, multiple tips for batch scanning. scaling no problem – assemble themselves. next – 1000 molecular switches, molecules w/more than 4 states.

really like the idea of a topological computer, where the world lines of 2d quasiparticles called anyons cross over each other to make braids in spacetime. it’s really stable. i could make a braided toroid, with a mobius flip. that would make the array itself, as well as a single edge, infinitely long. something about the edge creates semiconducting area, so toroid can be transistor. where does it start? it doesn’t. where does it end? it doesn’t end. there’s one side of a two-sided circle, and one edge. if tunneling, then entire loop can be in quantum state depending on electrical fields, infinite quantum loop, infinite qubits in small space. how many molecules to make mobius strip? quanton, wavicle. superconducting mobius strip semiconducting layers = orgone, powered by surrounding tesla field. mobius strip is qubit array, each molecule in strip is qubit, each functions as charge/flux transistors, flux qubits functioning as storage.

infinite sheet of superconducting qubits and semiconducting bandgaps making flux/charge transistors w/internal storage.


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