author’s note: writing chapter 5.2

11/17 started with 3 pages, 1907 words, then had a dream where tesla and reich were talking to kurt, got up out of bed with this revelation and did bunches of research. with research, 6 pages, 4971 words, then down to 4 pages and 3523 words

11/18 after moving a bunch of stuff 2419, 3 pages.

very hard to get everything organized here. mind boggling complexity. tongue twisters, like freshman english where it’s obvious that they don’t know how to put a paragraph together or express an idea simply, and can’t tell that their sentences make no sense because their idea of a good sentence is one with a lot of relevant sounding words. it’s like instruction booklets written in badly translated chinese.

the trouble i’ve been having is in setting the stage. i’ve got all this information, and it’s going to come together completely differently depending on who’s saying or thinking it. told some ways, most of the information becomes summarized, told in others, i concentrate only on certain things and completely ignore all the fine shades. or i could jsut throw big words around and drop names. once i saw tesla and reich standing behind kurt carping at each other, that part of the chapter fell into place just like that. there’s a lot of things they can argue about that can go in the background of kurt’s efforts to make a quantum kernel. i guess that means a quantum computer chip. and he does it mostly in his sleep, which helps a lot because he’s got to have access to fancy labs and expensive equipment, and nobody in their right mind is going to let him in their lab when he’s awake. that alters what kurt and nathan will say, and puts nathan in with the conversation kurt has with the crew a they discuss his new invention. and that splits up all the information i want to cover a different way. and i’m having trouble seeing how it will play out. but i have the dead guys, and that forms a big chunk of the chapter. so yay. at the moment i’m working on 3500 words and 4 pages, but a lot of that is still quoted material, and i like to get it all in my own words before going on. that way i can guarantee i’m not plagiarizing, altho for sure i’m stealing the ideas, which is completely legal, and how art is supposed to work. kurt and nathan can discuss the various types of quantum computers being developed. that means i can move part of the material up to 5.1. i’ve already moved a bunch of material about connectivity to 5.3 and possibly farther. he talks to nathan, he makes the computer, he talks to the crew. so theoretical stuff with nathan, directly related to fabrication, then algorithm and programming stuff with crew.

i know i’m going to be getting rid of a lot of extraneous stuff. there’s so much ground to cover with quantum computing, and this is the only chapter where i’m going to be doing this, but you can get too technical. in fact, my cousin just tried to read this story and quickly gave up because the technical stuff made his eyes glaze over. it does the same thing to me. like right now, contemplating 5.2. i directed my cousin over to my homicidal dysfunctional family novel, and he enjoyed it a lot. funny about that story, i had loads of fun writing such over the top psychos. i don’t have nearly as many psychos in this story. kurt is about the farthest out of them, except for nathan’s dad, and snake of course. and i’ll enjoy writing them. i wonder if maybe i haven’t spent enough time writing about them already, but i’ve got 42 chapter to write, and my characters don’t really know themselves at this point, so i figure i’ll get the science out of the way. but if nobody’s reading it…i think, now that i’m tagging quantum physics and quantum computers, that i’m getting some hits from universities. and they’re probably looking for technical stuff and not interested in fiction, so they’re probably going right away again. it’s so strange to be writing into the ether. i should be used to it.


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