writing chapter 5.1.1

i started out with a million words, and whittled it down to 575.  i’ve been doing it all day.  it’s a good thing.  three topics instead of 15.

2 pages copied over from the work i did yesterday – 861 words cut to 149.

next section less than 1 page, 188 words cut to 121.

next section 2 pages, 1068 words to 156

next section less than 2 pages, 935 words to 151

the whole thing 575.  there’s no business, no dialog, nothing but talking points, out of which i have to flesh out a scene.  but it’s not a bunch of research anymore.


classical computers decisions black or white, yes or no, one or zero. idea of independent world existing out there forever following own rules never minding us humans. concrete existence or nothingness.

quantum computer both black and white, technicolor, superposition, quantum parallelism simultaneous computations, exponential w/state space. greater range of answers, different kinds of questions.

everything you know is wrong. quantized at quantum scales. nothing like smooth or continuous. interaction of electrical fields that repel each other far from the actual object. space and time mutate. distance between objects mutates, no such thing as a fixed measurement by which everything else can be measured. fixed constants are different in other parts of the universe. the idea of separation between things is also wrong, because quantum entanglement links every particle to every other particle. spacetime has no meaning at all for entangled particles. dammit jim i’m a programmer not a physicist.

observer responsible for passage of time, by noticing, habitual examining of ongoing brain events, inner narration, interpreting and echoing and agendas and programming. thinking the mind is in charge of the body. illusion of personal free will, sign of neurotic need to be right or at least not fuck up.

it’s all mostly autonomous, nerve reactions, conscious minds are the last to know, neural correlate of consciousness emerges out of computer-like structure of brain, sits on top second guessing, justifying, moralizing.

when anesthetic brain ticks over at 1hz, indiv neurons cycle slowly but don’t engage with other areas. consciousness network of paths thru many regions of brain rather than located one or couple of places. thalamo-cortical resonance 40hz bind conscious experience.


want to use brain as model for quantum computer, massively parallel neural net rather than cpu and storage, statistical processor rather than sequential, learning rather than programming, analog rather than digital. bose-einstein condensates in neural proteins, unitary binding, collapse of wavefunction at presynaptic axons, microtubules inside neurons, tubulin protein a natural qubit. problem with warm wetware is thermal noise, decoherence.

right now cryostat – superconducting magnet on chip, superconducting bobbin of wires, high magnetic fields in liquid helium, inside low conductivity thermos bottle, inside thermos bottle, evacuated by cryocooler, laser cooled to within 1 millikelvin of absolute zero -460F where entropy stops, quantum ground state only thing moving.

here some form of qubit (laser-entangled ions, LED-powered entangled photons, quantum dots, captured ions, spin thingies) is manipulated. decoherence-free transportation thru optical fibers, mechanical oscillators as quantum transducers or microwave/optical quantum links. oscillator transforms/transfers light/electricity into mechanical vibration and back faster than mechanical and optical decoherence rates.


can’t do in the back of a van. need room temperature superconducting magnet, wires, qubit. isolation. a perfectly reflective surface, nubbed all over like the venus of willendorf or a corn cob, shaped like a teardrop or kernel because of the special properties of these shapes. what to use as a shell? shielded, radiates heat, what gets thru nothing means no communication. how to do that if nothing gets thru. tunelling information channel sends and receive thru shell, oscillating something on a chip outside the kernel linked to everything else.

don’t want to use silicon or niobium or rhenium or gallium arsenide or strontium monofluoride. engineer a biocomputer, synthesize molecular material to make nanometer switches, transistors (7k transistors = human hair) holographic memory. synthetic dna. solves lots of problems – we can grow it, it can copy itself, and even self install. dammit jim i’m a programmer, not a chemist.


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