writing chapter 5.4

today i find myself writing kurt writing the kernel, concentrating on the steps he needs to take to make a quantum kernel.  which means mostly that i’ve been researching the bits and pieces – quantum tunelling, grapheme, josephson junctions, cryostats.


kurt creates the kernel

kurt’s van is full of food wrappers and printer paper and well-thumbed manuals, as well as a gun under the seat and many pharmaceutical bottles in the glove compartment, with all kinds of tools and electronic equipment stowed in cubbies down the length of the van, and one wall turned into a mobile computer lab. working alone in his messy van, sitting in the back on a broken swivel chair in front of a bank of computers and screens, surrounded by cables and computer junk, trash, cigarette butts, plastic coffee cups, fast food wrappers, and a big half-empty pee-jar, lit by garish monitor-light, oblivious to the world outside his van, kurt creates the engine, a kernel of qunary code that uses quantum physics to work faster and more efficiently (and also produces quantum effects in the real world). he starts in creating the game kernel, and he’s immediately in the flow. the hours pass, and he’s slapping the code down as fast as it comes to him, and it’s a thing of beauty. the code just flows out of his fingers and goes where it needs to go as if it’s predestined. he’s off in a computer lab in his brain, a cloudlike space where pieces of the quantum kernel are forming with only a little bit of help, into a massive tangle of purposeful connections and chunks of functionality, a beautiful, symmetrical organism that rolls up into a buckyball when he’s done. and when he wakes up it was sitting there, shining, floating in the cloudlike area inside his mind, pulsing with his own brainwaves. and he stands in front of it and says ‘open sesame’ and it parts and allows him in, enveloping him like a living suit, making him physically infinite, indeterminate, fuzzy. as he wears it, he influences it more and it resembles him more. in the end he introduces himself as kernel kurt, and doffs his fatigue cap. he creates an interface whereby the kernel can interact with classical computers, then enshrouds and locks down this vital core that makes the game possible. kurt encrypts it so nobody else can touch the quantum kernel. then he builds a simple software engine that can be plugged in and function with a regular computer, plug and play.

he’s always stopping dead in his tracks to connect and do something inside the game. he works thru his custom-hacked bluetooth and his prototype glove, and if he’s talking to someone else he’ll just trail off and zone out, his hand working madly by his side. he’s very haggard and doesn’t sleep much. when he’s sleeping he’s also programming. his hands twitch like a puppy’s. sleep programming that he doesn’t remember, but that’s how he wrote most of the kernel – ambien and (salvia no, paralysis and being with god) tramadol. strange things happened while he was writing the kernel. he would find himself inside it, tinkering with the code, building in extra bits he understood perfectly at the time in his sleep. the programmer uses pharms. ambien and ecstasy. ambien and uppers. whatever. oxy.

sleep programming that he doesn’t remember, but that’s how he wrote most of the kernel – ambien and (salvia no, paralysis and being with god) tramadol. strange things happened while he was writing the kernel. he would find himself inside it, tinkering with the code, building in extra bits he understood perfectly at the time in his sleep. the programmer uses pharms. ambien and ecstasy. ambien and uppers. whatever. oxy. technical about quantum computing? mindguard to eliminate psychotronic radiation. tinfoil hats

drug reverie: quantum object oxy, too. oxymoron. cuz object implies classical world – independent existence, deterministic, well defined physical properties including location in spacetime. but quantum object’s existence is dependent and relative to observer, violates principle of causality, has poorly defined boundaries in spacetime, not at all objectlike, undefined non physical properties

quantum objects can be in two places at the same time, can teleport from one place to another (quantum tunelling same thing?), are always moving, even in their ground state at absolute zero (what’s the other name for it?) quantum oscillator. only seen in individual atoms (until when?), because surrounding area quickly couples with quantum object and dampens its energy out, decoherence.

(until) epfl photonics and quantum measurements lab used light to control large object at quantum level. see w/naked eye, mechanical vibrations coupled with quantum systems – electric currents, light – and translate quantum information into light signals. you can use lasers to control individual atoms and ions, molecules, atomic gasses. you can parametrically couple optical and mechanical movements. if the coherent coupling rate exceeds the mechanical and optical decoherence rate, then you can transfer quantum states from the optical field to the mechanical oscillator and back again. you can control the mechanical oscillator using a wide range of quantum optical techniques, but so far have only worked using microwave fields at millikelvin temperatures. experiments have failed because of mechanical decoherence rates as well as optical dissipation. but these guys did it using cold photon baths, and slowed the mechanical ioscillator. make decoherence free transportation thr optical fibers, mechanical oscillators become quantum transducers, or can use in microwave/optical quantum links.

Benioff, 1982; Feynman, 1986; Deutsch, 1985, Deutsch and Josza, 1992)(e.g., Shor, 1994) Bennett, 1995; and Barenco, 1995. erik lucero ucsb, andrew cleland, horst stormer italian quantum

cooling is critical still. don’t yet have room-temperature quantum. going to work around it. need to make cryostat around it, less than 1 degree above az (273.15c). near az the oscillator is in quantum ground state. can’t do it on larger scale because of decoherence, when entanglement occurs with particle’s surroundings and damps out quantum properties of particle. using laser light to slow motion of particle inside, cools it very close to ground state. light and oscillation entangle so that light transforms into vibration and back again, but we outpace decoherence and can control quantum motion in an object.

using standard microfabrication can make superconducting quantum shell easy to couple to mhz/ghz radio waves. we understand how to do all that. some law i forget implies the bigger the system gets the more things can cause it to decohere, so shorter average coherence times.

von neumann architecture since 40s – cpu and ram, work at UCSB. each superconducting qubit is capacitatively coupled to dedicated to memory resonator as well as to quantum information bus. bus couples qubits during operations, memory resonators store current state of qubit. qubit passes into memory resonator and is place in ground state. computation using combinations of toffoli gate and simple rotations (which?) with 98% fidelity, but not good enough because of memory resources and quantum coherence time.

room temperature graphene transistors. graphene ribbons.

but what to use as a shell? has to be perfectly reflective so nothing gets thru, shielded, magnetic rather than mirror, as well as mirror becuase not absorptive means reflective, plus radiates heat outward, what gets thru nothing means no communication. how to do that if nothing gets thru.

ucsb. aluminum resonator cooled to below 0.1 k to reduce amplitude of vibrations, coupled electrcally to superconducting qubit, qubit identifies quantum thermal excitation (phonon), then excites phonon in resonator, tranferring many time between resonator and qubit, creating superposition state where simultaneous excitation in resonator and no excitation in resonator, so when they measure it forces resonator to choose its state. can measure mechanical resonator without collapsing wavefunction, preserving all quantum effects because measuring instrument not heating up mechanical object and causing thermal decoherence.

cryostat a vessel like vacuum or dewar flask, cryogenic liquid helium bath. inside cryostat can get to less than 1 degree above az, can slow motion with laser and cool even more. light pulse changes into vibration and back fast enough to outpace decoherence. at zero point quantum vibration photons don’t emit energy, they can only absorb it, raising thermal vibrations. zero point energy is absorption. different from ordinary thermal vibrations.

crystat – less than one degree above az = -273.15c. laser hits it, slows down x100 cooling close to az ground state.

virtual cryostat using graphene and high magnetic effects. frictionless flow, ppb resistance.

ucsb, high field magnet laboratory, using graphene, single atom thick sheets, hard as diamond, stronger than steel, in high magnetic field, frictionless current flow, superacurrate resistance ppb at room temperature.

kurt was buildling a quantum computer in his van. so was everybody else. and they were all working from different perspectives, all carving a way thru a new thing, each carving their own unique path. nobody’s idea for a quantum computer was anything like anybody else’s, and they were all very jealous and snippy about each other. putting each other’s ideas down, ridiculing the mentors and lineage, endless petty arguments, so nobody ever said how things were going, or told the truth, or gave away anything patentable. and nothing was standard, so there was no collaboration possible. the story of the company that hyped up everything with steampunk esthetic and had big bucks from people who saw something shiny and thought that meant it was real. like tesla and edison and marconi and who else.


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