author’s note, writing chapter 4

so i’m in the middle of nanowrimo now, trying to do 2000 words a day.  and even tho i’m prepared to count everything i write in november toward the total (because i would be writing those 2000 words of fiction if i didn’t have to get jim’s january show written (much of which will be fictional, so it must count)), i have been pretty prolific just banging out the several sections that i have been working on since november 1.

but right now i’m editing all the sections of chapter 4 into the final first draft chapter 4.  and that involves unwriting.  i go from 14 pages, or 10,000 wordsish, and i chop it down just as much as i can, rewriting, condensing, throwing passages out and starting over.  and that’s hard to count.  i end up with fewer words.  perhaps i should count the words i delete?

well, i tried that.  i turned on track changes in my document, and now i’ve got strikethrus all over the place and i can’t read what i’ve written.  i retain all the words i’ve tracked.  but when it comes time to do a word count, it only counts the words that aren’t struckthru, so i’m keeping the deleted words in name only, and i’m back to the same place.

the only solution i can come up with is to count the chapter.  and this makes sense, because i end up with something much different when i’m done editing.  it might even have most of the same words as when i wrote the sections separately, just in different places.  but it’s been gone over five, six, ten times, each sentance reconsidered, tweaked, reordered.  i don’t really feel like posting each version of the entire chapter as i edit it; that would be too fucking tedious.  it was bad enough doing it for one of the sections like i did last week.  too much detail.  so i’ll figure some other way to do it.  for now, this blathering will count toward my nanowrimo total.  because i’m adjusting nanowrimo rules to suit my style of writing, rather than adjust my writing style to nanowrimo rules, which don’t count for shit anyway, and are just a great way to push yourself to write more.  here’s to changing rules to suit your purpose instead of being hidebound.


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