okay chapter 4.1 is flowing now

it has come. the voice that narrates in my head, finally loud enough for me to write it down soon after hearing it.


anomia explains their vision to fairy, starts to.

she’s at work, one of the only graphic artists still around after the last layoffs reduced the department to two in an effort to keep the partners rolling in double digit profits. she’s got downtime even tho she’s working three proposals at once, because she’s fast, and they take so long to make changes, so she keeps her work on the game just a boss-key away, and turns to it whenever she gets a chance. she’s working on the background scenery for each level, pouring endlessly over namestock landscapes and google image results.

she keeps the chat window up and talks about their experience.

fairy asks questions about the levels. she answers until work comes in and she has to /brb.

josh takes over. he usually lets her talk. Anomia tries to hold in her observations, and she’s never sure of her conclusions, but her enthusiasm gets the better of her and she blurts things out. josh sits back in his coffee shop chair and snipes out snarky oneliners when appropriate.

they’ve set up a spreadsheet with their seven levels across and seven rows down that they’re trying to fill with the parameters of their game. but they’ve already run into trouble over basic things, like what religious and philosophical beliefs did each era have, and what was their economics, their politics?

anomia hadn’t paid attention to the details.

josh schemed and climbed with the best of them and knew every twist.

their input conflicts, and fairy is forced to craft a compromise world.

she opens another document and starts putting the world diagram together, detailing each level’s assets, goals and obstacles. start conversation about levels. fairy was making herself indispensable, keeping track of everything while josh and anomia buried themselves in minutiae.she was etc.

levels continue.

anomia has a deadline, and has to stay late at work, so she has more time to work on teh gema. they have taken to calling it that because it’s an easy string of letters to mistype, and anomia does it more than the rest of them. she thinks quicker than her fingers can type, so she stumbles alot. she’s tactless, especially under stress, and often finds out what she thinks about a topic when she hears it come out of her mouth.

levels continue.

anomia gets revisions and has to brb.

josh describes levels and fairy asks questions, taking a short break to make another pot of tea and bring it back to bed, where she’s got her laptop set up on the back of a stuffed helllo kitty. about fairy.

when anomia comes back to the spreadsheet, it has changed, with fairy rearranging the belief systems. she wants to revert, and fairy argues for how it’s makes more sense that way, and she complains that the angel said to recreate their experience, and they talk about how all the rows are fucked up kluges and josh agrees that they’re going to have to sacrifice accuracy for playability.

anomia backs down partly because she can’t say how to make it fit any better. there are no words for what they went thru, and trying to divide it up into rational rows and columns drives her nuts – there were no divisions in their game, everything was connected.

she turns to her paid labors and josh and fairy spend some time complaining about her, josh having moved next door to the bar. she’s tactless. and a bitch.

once they finish with the levels, fairy wonders about hte insert objectives.

then they fight over the spreadsheet some more when anomia comes back. she’s got a wicked sharp tongue and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks before she even knows she’s thinking it.  and she’s pretty sure she’s right about her analysis, so she forces it to go her way – no edit-wars.

josh, on his second beer, doesn’t push it.

fairy quietly adjusts the world diagram the way she and josh agreed. they split the tasks between them.

anomia has already taken the graphics duh.

josh does level design. pirates, aliens.

fairy can’t contest it because she wasn’t there. fairy and josh fight over animation and avatars – anomia threw her hands up in horror (smiley?).

josh wins by letting fairy have avatars, she passes it off to radhu.

radhu’s life at home.

fairy inserts dragons.

josh inserts easter eggs.

months come and go like fairy’s boyfriends.

snake appears.



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