author’s note: almost beginning to write chapter 4

i read an article about neanderthal dna and interbreeding. the idea of neanderthals vanishing. it would be easier to hound them to death when there were fewer people. deliberate extinction, disease, superior human or something else? could this be a discussion during the game? they have to play and invent the game as they go, their powers are individually less as they go thru the rings. it really bogs down in the lowlands, when things become codified. it’s better in the wilderness becuase there are fewer laws, strings, the web is wider. then in hinterlands the powers are working against them, the press of everyone’s dependence drags them down, the weight of the world. and hell becomes really dangerous because everybody tries to vampirize them.

and here are the evil alien vampires again. do they resurface without warning all the way at the other end from the carnival level? back to the point. neanderthals being snuffed out, persecuted, demonized, like fairies, oooh like evil alien vampires.

divided up yesterday’s idea of how the chapter is going to go, into 12 sections. That’s 12 sequences of conversation about what they’re doing, 12 different research points (or less), and a dozen bits of business that takes us thru the design process blended into the stream. now i get to copy this list down in my chapter document, putting it into all caps so i can find it when i’m going back and forth with research and character development and already-written plot points. and when i’m done reorganizing everything, i’ll probably change it again, because that’s what i’ve done with teh last 3 chapters.

so that’s done. i shuffled the section numbers a bit, combining the bits i have trouble with (entanglement = superpowers), and i’m fairly happy with where everything goes within this structure. but we’ll see how it looks tomorrow, when perhaps i can actually start writing.


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