author’s note: preparing to write chapter 4

in a novel, you write many more than the number of published words. for nanowrimo i’m going to put up all the work i do and count it toward my 50,000 word goal. i wonder if simply tracking changes will work for this, because i do a lot of editing even when i’m just sitting here spitting out words.  so you’re reading my actual worknotes for today, when i’m having my first look at chapter 4.

how do they get from discussing the idea of a quantum computer to actually sitting down and designing the game? we just jump in. set the scene: like with the guild they work separately – boy girl and fairy (and radhu) and communicate online or in their minds. so each one has to have business to remind us where they are.

how do the discussions about various parts of design come about. i guess the best thing to do is go thru the points and start fleshing them out. here’s where they work out the whole complicated 7 layer thing, which will take a lot of time and occasion the use of specific research, like character attributes.

each one deals mostly with their specialty – anomia art, josh level design, fairy keeping track of everything at this point and designing objects. so the tasks, and the layer thing and specifics. squeezing things as specifics inside the layers. mix them, with tasks, a philosophical conversation and specifics. tasks, layers, specifics (original outline had specs, ingame, work, which groups the research differently). then another round of work with a different mix. finally snake. and radhu.

first round the basic 3, with some of the conversation in their minds. second round maybe fairy and radhu. then snake comes in and criticizes for the third time over the material.

so three levels of complexity.

anomia gets started on scenery right away, based on her memories, checking with boy. fairy doesn’t get consulted about it. they all have to work out the layer thing, and the physics and lessons thing. we have to have a theoretical understanding of the lessons they need to teach. basically going thru the layers. they can all do this thru conversation, with fairy sorting things out. at various places they can diverge to talk about specifics brought up by their layer chart. then once the chart is complete they can take a chunk.

this is going to represent several months of constant work. how does anomia manage when she’s got a full time job? how much sex can fairy have and what else does she do? does josh have nothing stopping him from working 22/6 except his game addiction and his fb etc? how much of anomia and josh’s relationship do we get to see? between the three trawls thru the research points we can have diversions into various people’s lives.

i guess the first thing to do is sort out the chart. teh game is originally conceived as just the antarctica level. the cloud level is designated the tutorial level, but sort of dumps all these powers on the players, so they wonder if there shouldn’t be a newb tutorial level where you learn the powers.

this part remains theoretical because they don’t know how they’re actually going to teach people. a miracle has to happen, so they just fudge. so they can design the scenery, and the objects, the things, they can’t design the animations because they don’t have the software yet, or the engine. the assets are all they can work on, the costumes and weapons and the way the they’re going to structure society, the rules.

so the metagame is what they design here. anything more specific that isn’t just speculation has to wait for chapter 6, where they create the game.

the list. at first they number the rings. they’ve got the period from their dream/vision/game, and the religion and reality come from that. this reminds them of the 7 ages of ‘man’. that can be one pass thru the material.

then something personal happens to them so we can see them at home. either josh and anomia or fairy.

on the next pass they can try to organize the lessons. they start working from the religion/reality, and the lessons reflect the age. they realize they have to lead people to it, need to cover the basics, need to give cultural history lessons. they get into immediate difficulty reconciling the period, religion and reality, and finally have to agree that it’s a made up world where things don’t happen the same way they do in realife. they come up with one stream of 7 things after another, and write them down, and then find how badly they jibe.

the period and religion they experienced first hand, and they’re trying to overlay a reality so they can organize the history lesson with the consciousness (reality) lesson. there’s a problem with the list of abilities and disciplines and powers because they’re all basically down to entanglement, just various ways of expressing it. like saying the various manifestations of manifesting. (perhaps it would be best if i could combine these three categories before assembling the list to confuse the reader.) even so, it’s contrary and can’t be reconciled. but i’m down to a matrix of 7 x 7, which is cool.

then something personal happens to the other one. and if it’s short enough, maybe what’s happening with kurt.

and is there a third pass thru the material, when snake makes fun of everything? of course there is. when they get to the remedial stuff and have to shuffle the levels and change the cloud, they give the nod to the Garden in designing the tutorial environment. it’s what becomes their game before kurt redesigns it, which means it shows at dragoncon 2. and since it’s not what they end up building, becuase teh engine is quantum and changes the possibilities, it can be a little wild, or stilted, or grandiose.

and what does radhu think of it and how has he been helping in this process? what’s he up to back at home?

where’s caroline?

and what’s nathan doing and what terrible thing is sis getting away with?

period neolithic viking medieval enlightenment revolutionary totalitarian quantum
religion animism goddess early xian buddhism fundamentalist black pope kingdom
reality magic xian newtonian relativity humanist quantum god consciousness
age baby kid teenage 20s/young 40s/middle 60s/old old/decrepit
discipline mind body consciousness subtle body fly/move know/esp manifest
skill create name nurture guide share preserve pass on
lesson all one way all knowable all relative all possible all alive all together all one

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