writing chapter 3.3

Kurt led the way back into the foodcourt, and headed for a lunch place in the far corner, where he had a cheap deal on food they would otherwise throw out. Nathan was there trying to talk the manager into hiring him. He’d been making a case for how hard he could work and how the customers would love him. And the man hadn’t said no yet, so he was still there.

The manager was busy fiddling with the frozen yogurt machine, so he nodded hello to Kurt and then told Norman, “Okay, here’s your trial run. Go ahead and help this guy.” Nathan grabbed a styrofoam box and waited for Kurt to choose, gulping back his nervousness. Anomia and Josh stood apart discussing their game.

Kurt watched Nathan ladling salad and wondered. “You play videogames, right?” he said to the boy.

“Sure,” Nathan said, and shut up, wondering if he should be talking to customers.

“What do you play on, console, handheld?”

Nathan closed the box and looked at the manager to see if he minded. He ignored them. “I can only play games I can download or play online,” he said, handing Kurt the box. “My Dad doesn’t approve of videogames. But the computer’s old, so not that many games will run. Are you going to make a videogame?” he ventured as Anomia moved to the counter.

“Maybe,” she answered, looking at the food. “A quantum videogame. We’re going to change the world.”

“Quantum’s cool,” Nathan said. “I want to play.” She ordered, and then Josh. Nathan offered them cookies, and got them bottled drinks, and the manager was happy to ring up such a healthy sale so late in the day.

“The kid’s good for business,” Kurt commented. “Better hire him.”

Back at their table, they ate quietly for only a moment before Kurt put his plastic fork down. “Why you can’t fly in real life,” he said, “is partly because of the consciousness problem.”


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