author’s note: emergency surgery chapter 2.8-2.9

it’s a real mess in my main document at the moment.  after spending two days doing faceplants over the awfulness of the last section i put up, before dragoncon, i’ve spent the last hour eviscerating what i wrote, to the point that my document has a big gaping hole for the text of 2.8, and 2.9 has this remark:

i thought you were supposed to make a game.  this is more like a religion.  it’s preachy and boring.  and wanders.  make your points already and move on.  it keeps going around and around.

and below that is everything chunked into a new order.  i wrote out the very basic things that need to be covered, and then inserted all the old material into that structure on different lines, indented away from the margin so i don’t have to waste time reading them as i go down the page.

now tomorrow i’ll start with a reading of this new structure, and then do my best to sum up the mess and move on.

i’m reading cory doctorow and other contemporary scifi authors, and they are all approaching the same points i make, but they do it with a much easier style than mine.

so i’m currently suffering from writer’s lack of self esteem, trying to decide whether i’m just a bad writer or i just don’t have the right voice going to save what i thought were good ideas.

fortunately, tomorrow is a whole nother day, and i’ll feel differently and can maybe run this stuff thru a shredder and come up with something i can stand long enough to finish the chapter and do a complete rewrite.


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