author’s note: getting back to work

boy it’s hard to work right now.  i’m still recovering (winding down) from this year’s dragoncon experience, and trying to digest all the things i learned, to use in this story.  things have to change from what’s already plotted and outlined.

and i’m having real trouble with my narrative voice.  with all these references and all this information to put out, everything sounds stiff and forced, and as boring as you can get.  the entire last bit i posted (2.8) has to be rewritten, and i’m having one hell of a time tying all the things i have to cover in 2.9 together.  and after that comes the really difficult part of the chapter, where the parameters for their game are discussed.

this part i don’t think i could ever do as a comic book.  there’s just too many words, too many concepts and references.

another distraction is that i’ve discovered, talking to comic book artists at dragoncon, that i’m a comic book artist.  i’m coloring and designing and writing for the graphic novel part of my story, and may well end up drawing, too.  so now i’m spending some of  my wakeful hours trying to develop a sketching style i can use in illustration.  my first attempts revealed that my abilities to draw figures i’m not looking right at has not changed in, oh, 30 years or so, when i last put pen to paper to draw something imaginary.  so i need to learn to draw comics.  fortunately there’s a wealth of material, and i have jim for guidance, but the main way to learn to draw comics is to draw comics.

but i’ve just spent the last hour cutting up my outline for this part of the chapter and putting it back together again in a different line of argument.  i’m still making the same points, but a little bit looser.

in the midst of this reordering of the material, i’ve also started writing little snippets of conversation that i can hear, threads of logic, voices of disagreement and support.  so i’m writing them down as i hear them, and they’ll probably be where i go with this part of hte chapter.

the work is slow, and my enthusiasm is low, but i’m making progress.  i’m also taking frequent naps and doing other things as a way to let things percolate.  and i’m still trying to digest dragoncon and the effect it’s going to have on the story.


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