author’s note

i’m taking a wee break while we attend dragoncon and do more research.  there are so many things to see and do at dragoncon, and i’m taking my camera and a notebook.

writer’s tracks, science tracks, artshow tracks, videogame tracks, the silk road, and all those costumes.  having been last year, i’m going again this year with open eyes.  because that’s where much of the story takes place, and i want to have it down before i write it…

so i won’t have chapter two finished and posted by the time dragoncon starts.  oops.  i really wanted to have it up.  but it’s a novel in progress, and i’ll just have to go with that.

what i’ve been doing instead of writing has been matting and shrink wrapping and labelling all the prints to go in the printshop and all the originals to hang on the boards at hte art show.  that’s jim’s part of it.  we go in and hang in just a few hours, then get our membership badges and our pocket programs, and tomorrow it all starts, 4 days of mayhem in downtown atlanta.

and i’m printing cards for the story.  here’s one.

i’ve been thinking about my decision to label this blog nc-17.  it has cut the traffic down to absolutely nothing, so that i’m getting maybe 2 hits when i post something (my family?).  so i think i’m going to take the distasteful expedient of removing the explicit sex scenes from this blog, and replacing them with a link, that will take you to some less-hypocritical public blog where i can post only the sex scenes.  but this is under protest.

anyway, i’m going to have a wonderful few days, and will be back writing next week.  and there’s always nanowrimo to look forward to, a month-long writing binge.


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