author’s note: chapter 2.7

it might only be 500 words, but i wrote it today and i’m posting it.  it was maybe the same amount yesterday.  very small increments, but a definable chunk all the same.

since life is always uncertain, it’s good to get a little something done with every opportunity.  and that way it stays fresh, too.  there are only so many nights i can try to figure out what happens in the next scene if the scene never gets written.

i’m getting very excited to be writing, finally.  the bits and pieces have been welling up for months and months, and now, even tho i know what’s going to happen, i still don’t know how, and am only waiting for speakers to identify themselves.  that maniacal laughter, for example, turns out to be snake.  i wasn’t sure before.  but really, who else could it be?

i had a fright the other day.  i have joined a writer’s group, and the forum, and for a moment was sure i had been banned (because the splash page said so).  but i’m not, and it’s active, and i hope to get some comments as i continue to post finished draft chapters.  so far about 9  people have read it, or looked at it.

and that’s better readership than i’m getting here, where i haven’t had a hit in several days.  i think it was when i decided to report this blog as nc-17, which means it has sex in it.  because of this decision, the blog has been removed from certain search universes, and won’t be showing up in some places (which i’m not really sure how extensive this is).

the alternative would be to excise the sex scenes – which occur mostly with fairy, and tho some are gratuitous because i love writing sex scenes, most are integral to the story line.  so i could put a teaser, and direct readers to another site where i could post that little bit in its entirety.  but that seems a bit complicated, and i really fucking hate censorship.  so i’m not really inclined to play along.  for now, i’m just going to put up with not having any readership on this blog.  but if i think it’s really bad, then i’ll find another blog that doesn’t mind adult content.  tho in this day and age, when society has gone back to puritan anti-human-rights postures, i’m not very hopeful.


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