author’s note: chapter 2.5

shit happened while i was writing this part of the chapter.  i got a paragraph into it, and then got the call that my aunt had died, so i dropped everything to arrange transportation for 4, and went off for two days.  during which i got sick, because i always get sick when i travel.  and then when i got back, i got a migraine, which put me out for another day.  and then there was a local graffiti project that i was helping out with.  and i had to watch both my grandsons in there as well.

but i finished my section.  it’s a very important section; all of chapter two is important, but this one sets the tone.  it’s where the first strange thing happens in the story (aside from the first chapter, of course, which is all strange things).  and for all of this sick time, i didn’t have the energy to focus on it.  but when i came back to work – yesterday (while developing a cold in my head) – i was just removed enough, and just spacey enough, to be inspired by the things i am writing about, which are ever so much larger than i am.

at this moment i am too ill with sinus pressure and a sore throat, and maybe a slight fever, so i’m going to shut the computer down and go back upstairs and get in bed.

but the next thing i’ll be doing is discussing superpowers, and what it would be like if you could teach superpowers as a skill.  and why not?  you get them for points in videogames, why couldn’t you be taught how to fly in real life, or see thru walls?

i may have gone over this before, but i love the idea.  when i was raised (and even people in their 70s), science fiction was in the air, and the characters we admired all had some special ability, and otherwise were just like normal people.  so we all were raised with the hidden assumption that we too could have jetpacks and read people’s minds.  i’m just pushing that idea a little further.

because we’re in the middle of paradigm change, and that’s what this story is all about.  yay.


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