author’s note: outline chapter 2

okay, moving forward.  i’ve just posted the outline for chapter 2.  now we get to the beginning of the hard part of writing this story.  the first chapter was merely the vision that started it all.  now i’ve got to explain it, introduce the characters, set the tone for the whole rest of the story.  41 chapters.

it seems so daunting from this spot.  looking over the outline that i just put up (which isn’t a traditional outline), i am amazed at how much real work i’ve left myself.

instead of an outline per se, i chose to assemble all the pertinent research, along with any snippets of action and dialog i thought up while i was sitting there at the keyboard, and all the bones of the chapter that i figured out over the last eight months.  i thought a traditional outline would be too difficult to work with, because it would become too familiar to me and i would lose interest.  besides, i knew when i was building the plot structure that a traditional outline would be too restrictive, that everything would change outside of the bare idea, which was this:

the boy and girl tell everyone about their vision/dream/trip and demonstrate their superpowers; they discuss how to train people in real magical skills, people go for the idea of creating a videogame, and the parameters are sketched out using the vision as a go-by.

but this leaves a lot of leeway, many directions the chapter could go.  so basically i let the details of the chapter come to me as i thought about it.  because i thought about it for eight months.  daily.  obsessively.


in writing the first chapter, i ended up leaving out certain things that are going to make my job harder in this second chapter.  the various skills they learned in the first chapter now have to be explained, and they were supposed to get some of that explanation in the first chapter.  but it was too technical, so my solution will be to have them remember it in the second chapter.

i actually figured this out a couple of weeks ago, when i added the bit about the vision being explained three times with increasing clarity.  three is a magic number, so i was just fine with the addition.  and it might keep the whole subject from becoming tedious.

it’s funny, from the quantum perspective i have on this story, meaning the way i can see it all at once, the whole tangled mess of it playing itself out eternally right now, it’s hard to concentrate on one little bit at a time.  because each chapter only covers a small little bit of what needs to happen.  in chapter 2, it’s all about introducing the possibility behind the vision, which is all about developing your own superpowers and learning to use them wisely.  i have to get them from wow, gee, to a discussion of magical powers everyone can develop.  and in later chapters, i’ve got to come up with exercises and lessons, and figure out how to teach superpowers (when the only real experience i have with it is in dreams).

it occurred to me the other day that my generation, raised in the ’50s and ’60s, were completely indoctrinated in quantum consciousness, magic, mystical superpowers for everyperson.  we were totally raised on a diet of magic.  i dream of jeannie, bewitched, my favorite martian, star trek, lost in space, the jetsons, star wars.  i grew up reading heinlein, asimov, herbert, bradbury, delany, dick, lem, zelazny.

so it should be easy to raise everybody to quantum consciousness, right?


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