author’s note: chapter 1

okay, i tried to edit it down to six pages or below, and spent a whole week doing it, but i couldn’t get it down under nine pages, and was getting really frustrated.  so i cleaned it up and posted it as one whole, long chapter.

so be it.

now to start writing chapter 2.  this is where it begins to get complicated.  there are a million pages of notes, and three thousand characters to follow around for hte rest of the story, so i’ve got to get all the little figures in line.

i’m not sure whether i should post the daily edits.  it took over a week of going over hte same ten pages again and again, changing a word here, deleting a word there.  all very tedious.  i could post the actual progress i make every day, paragraph by paragraph, but i’m not sure if that wouldn’t be a total waste of time.  it sure would keep the posts regular, however.  we’ll see when it gets time to edit chapter 2.

so, a chapter.  one of 42 chapters.  it’s going to be a long story.  but i’ve started, and all i can do is proceed with the faith that it won’t be worthless, that i’ll have actually accomplished some little part of my goal – to change the world.


dragoncon 2012 is coming up in a matter of weeks, and i need to make up business cards about the story to leave lying around in case anyone wants to read it.  i’m searching for the words to describe what i’m doing.  so far i’m coming up with fake blurbs, like something awe inspiring from einstein…


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