author’s note chapter 1.7

okay, i’ve finished the first draft of the first chapter.  and boy are my arms tired.  this last bit went much faster than the others.  i was expecting to have a 1.8, but when i got to the end of what i was doing, i just kept going.  which is fine.  that’s all daily work, even tho i don’t seem to be working daily.

the next thing i’m going to do is revise and edit chapter one, which will take some little time.  maybe i can work it thru in one day, maybe not.  currently, all these sections of chapter one spread out over 11 pages.  based on my own reading habits, when i read just a chapter before bedtime, i don’t like to go that long.  i’m reading aloud, mind, and 11 pages is a long time.

so i’m going to try to get it down to 6 pages.

as the first chapter, it’s really a hump.  it was hard to get to because it’s so different from all the rest of the story.  but it also kind of encapsulates it, as a fairy tale.  it was also hard because it’s the first chapter.  it’s when i put the research and the dawdling behind me and start the real work.  i put it off for 9 months, having come up with the idea and turned my attention to it back in november, halfway thru nanowrimo.  and the longer i put it off, the more twists and depth worked their way into the plot.  but there came a time when it was time to stop all that and start writing.

so i took a short vacation, changed a bunch of habits just like that, and am now ready to write 8 hours a day for awhile.

i’m still coming up with twists and plot devices, tho, and doing research.  so it’s all just a dish of fun.


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