author’s note chapter 1.3

i’m pausing in the middle of my day to write about the section i just posted.  i’m actually trying to write section 1.4 at the moment, but first i had to proofread and post the part i wrote yesterday, which i was interrupted doing.  and then i had to illustrate it with links and pictures, and a bunch of other things.  so it’s almost 4 in the afternoon and i’m just sitting down to my day’s creative activity.

if often happens this way.

i’m over the hesitation i felt when i wrote 1.1, because i have my tone now.  i’ve been looking forward to the actual creative writing part of this novel for several months, when the research was winding down.  but i was always dreading the first chapter, because it’s not like any of the rest of the chapters.  it’s actually a fairy tale, and the characters will spend the rest of the story trying to chase this fairy tale, making the usual hash of it.  fairy tales don’t like being explained, resist being translated into concrete reality.

that’s why i had so much trouble over “Once upon a time.”  fairy tales like certain formats, etc.  but hey, i’m all about breaking rules, once i understand them.

as usual, even tho i imagine out every detail, and rehearse every speech, when it comes time to write it, the story comes out differently.  i knew i was going to have to write them learning how to fly after being hit with the pixy dust, but what they said and what they did came from them, and helps me to figure out what they’re like as people.  the girl kissing the boy’s booboo, for instance, and his happy thought being how awesome he is.  these details are out of my fingers almost before i think them in my head.  it’s a matter of a flash of an image, and then my fingers type out the caption to it, which is all you the reader ever see.

these details about learning how to fly come from experience, by the way.  i first started having flying dreams as a little kid, and i would have to run down a hill, flapping my arms, and jump up into the air, swimming and pulling.  as the years went on, it became easier, and my flying changed, involving less kicking and waving, and more of a gut feeling, an exertion of willpower.  now i just think about it and go zooming thru the air.  i understand that not everybody has flying dreams, but they’re second nature to me.  i can breathe underwater, too, after learning how to in my sleep.  really.

i’m going to post this now and go back to writing.  now that the boy and girl are in the air, i’ve got to get them to their next stop – antarctica.


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