writing chapter 1.1

once upon a time, a boy and a girl escaped the crowds, went to dragoncon, but shit happened, and they escaped, running to the top of the tower and going out on the roof.

once upon a time, a boy and girl, dragoncon every year. nonstop fun

once upon a time. it was after the ball, they were tired, the boy found out about a way up onto the roof, and they decided to go camp out there and wait for the good drugs to kick in.

once upon a time, a boy and girl had been partying for days and broke thru the lock to the roof for a bit of peace and quiet.

The boy led the way up the stairs, the girl complaining behind him. He’d insisted for 49 floors that there was a reason for the draft in the stairwell, and there it was: the door to the roof wasn’t just open, but propped open.

They walked out into the night, crunching over the gravel near the stairwell. Up this high, the wind was the loudest sound, but underneath they could hear it all, the noises of 40,000 costumed partiers and the havoc they were causing all around the hotel district. Sirens, gunshots or was that fireworks, laughter, singing, car horns as frustrated drivers tried to get around the endless pedestrians, a shouted argument. Downtown Atlanta was never silent at this time of night – just past midnight by the girl’s phone – but during Dragoncon there was no peace at all.

Which is why the roof was such a great idea. They were alone, at one end of a vast concrete slab that surrounded a block-long skylight glittering in the night. They walked the length of it, thinking about the thousands of people in the thousands of rooms beneath their feet, all of them partying.

This is perfect,” the boy said, and sat down in the middle of the roof with his back up against the retaining wall. “It’s cool and breezy, it’s quiet, there’s nobody around, unlike down in our room. Hey, I’m thirsty.”

The girl sat down next to him and pulled out two 40s. He tried to drink his all the way down, but sputtered to a stop after a few gulps and started burping, so she beat him to the bottom. He fished around in his pockets and found his pill container. She rolled a joint. He selected tonight’s entertainment from a fistful of different pharmaceuticals, and they shared mushrooms and ecstasy, with half an ambien to ward off the speedy jitters. Then they settled down and waited for the drugs to kick in.


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