author’s note chapter 1.1

i’ve started writing.  it’s over 6 months since i began working on this novel, and today i wrote out the first little bit of the actual story.  i’ve been running the first chapter over in my head for weeks now, trying to get the right tone, the right attitude, the right start.  since it’s a fairy tale (this chapter) i wanted to start with “Once upon a time,” but it just wasn’t coming out right, so i skipped that part and went straight to the boy and girl climbing the stairs to the roof.

since it’s only a first draft, and since i wanted to show all the steps i’m taking, i put in my false tries – well, some of them.  after fifteen minutes of changing that first line, i realized that i should have kept in every halting step.

so here it is, in all its blood and gore, the first draft of the first bit of the first chapter.

if anybody has got anything to say about this process, please feel free to speak up.


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