About this Novel

Welcome to my fiction page.  This blog is a moment by moment look over my shoulder as i write a science-fiction novel.  In this case, I’m going thru the complete process, from initial thought, thru plot brainstorming, and research, to outline, and then to daily scribbling and periodic editing, all with the intention of producing a workable first draft.

The top level blog page will show each post as I make it, earlier posts to the bottom.  If you don’t want to read everything here, you can narrow it down.  By choosing from the menu, you can look at the mess that is the chapter outline, you can read the further mess that is the daily work I will be doing, or you can read the finished draft chapter after I have gone thru and edited what went into the dailies.

All the research and prior musings are in a support blog, My Pirate Novel.  I will be adding further research and observations as they occur, but all the actual fiction writing will be done here.

Please join me in creating Adventures in Quantum Antarctica, where a videogame can change the world.


About jeanne

artist, grandma, alien

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